Translation is all about the context

By that I mean who is going to be reading the document and what you want to achieve with it.

You might be looking to export to France, Switzerland or Canada. Maybe you want to localise your e-health platform to reach French-speaking markets. Whoever you are, if you have the following dilemmas, I’m the woman to help.

You want the marketing and sales results but don’t have the writing skills

No problem. I’ll share my experience as a writer and publishing house proofreader to bring positive change to your business.

You want to reach and communicate with patients in other countries but don’t have the language skills

Don’t worry. I’ll bring my knowledge of French terminology from an MA in translation and various CPD courses to make sure you’re understood.

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Marketing translation

Sample project: 20,000 words for a Swiss juice producer

As a published short story writer, I have a natural way with words and alter my writing style to fit the sector you work in.

Swiss companies keep coming back to me because they know I can adapt my translations to keep audiences engaged and sound authentic to the Swiss French ear.

My specialisms

  • Health products
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Food and drink
  • Travel and tourism
  • Arts and the media
  • Museums and exhibitions

I can translate your

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • Press releases
  • Marketing material for trade fairs
  • Museum guides
  • Subtitles

Keeping my finger on the pulse

  • Marketing in a Digital World, Coursera
  • The Business School for Translators, eCPD Webinars

Medical marketing translation

Sample project: 10,000 words for a patient association

With at least 50,000 words translated on medical marketing to date, I know your field well. For you this means faster turnaround times and texts translated with the appropriate tone and terminology.

My specialisms

  • Specialist magazines
  • Patient information leaflets used in clinical trials
  • Websites
  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets
  • Training guides
  • Documentation for healthcare products

Keeping up to date with industry developments

  • MedTranslate Conference, GxP Language Services

E-health translation

Sample project: 10,000 words for a mobile app

I’m passionate about using my translation services to bring people together. By translating and localising e-health platforms, I aim to improve the medical experience for patients and doctors alike.

My specialisms

  • Health apps and platforms
  • Wearable technologies
  • Big data applications and programmes
  • E-health software

Keeping up to date with the latest trends

  • Seminar on medical translation, Société Français des Traducteurs, SFT