Swiss roots

Canadian heart

French tongue

I grew up and went to school in Lausanne in the western, French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Looking back, it seems that the path of languages was laid out for me from an early age. I finished school with a European Baccalaureate in modern languages and a full-blown love affair with Canada.

It may not have been my love for the country alone that took me there, but it was certainly the Canadian French culture and language that made me stay so long.

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Before starting my studies at the University of Montreal, I spent a year studying kinesiology. The course sparked my interest in health and medicine and was no doubt instrumental in my decision to focus on French medical marketing and e-health translation.

My formal higher education began with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, where I focussed on French and Canadian French. Following a one-year certificate in translation, I went on to complete my MA in translation, specialising in medical and pharmaceutical texts.

As I had always been fascinated by how languages work, I took up a post as a phonetician alongside my master’s degree. With all this new linguistics knowledge under my belt, I was well prepared to go off into the world of language services.

Before returning to Switzerland, I worked as a proofreader at TVA Publications, one of the biggest publishing houses for magazines in Montreal. I enjoyed the diversity this brought, as I edited and proofread texts in a variety of fields, from cultural magazines all the way through to medical publications.

Thinking that media and journalism could be for me, I dabbled briefly in the world of film production. But like many translators, it wasn’t long before I started to miss the buzz I got from transferring texts from one language into another.

And so my full-time freelance translation business for marketing and e-health was born.

  • 23 years in Switzerland
  • 8 years in Canada
  • 2+ years in Germany

Today I live and work in the creative hub of Berlin, combining my passion for languages with my job as a freelance translator and short story writer.

I love the circus and cafes created out of the strangest places.
I’m not so keen on coriander or beards, but I promise not to judge you if you have a penchant for one or the other.

  • On traduit à Chantilly, near Paris, August 2015
  • Swiss e-Health Summit, Bern, September 2015
  • ASTTI, the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (Association suisse des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes)
  • SFT, France’s union of translators (Société française des traducteurs)
  • DVÜD, the German Association of Freelance Translators and Interpreters (Deutscher Verband der freien Übersetzer und Dolmetscher e.V.)